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Château de Parenchère 2021 (Bordeaux Clairet) – Case of 6 bottles 75cl

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This rosé wine, labeled in Bordeaux Clairet derives in individuality from its production technique.
This special style is called a rosé of “Saignées” as a longer maceration is operated before the start of the fermentation.

The Grape varieties is generally about :
80 % Merlot
20 % Cabernet Sauvignon
However, it may vary from vintage to vintage to give preferentiality to the most aromatic grape variety.

The fruits steep in the juice at low temperature (“skin maceration”) for 48 hours in order to give the juices roundness and colour.
Then we run off the juice from each vat and the fermentation takes place at the very low temperature of 15°C to obtain as much fruit flavour as possible.

Bottling is carried out very early on within three months of the wine being made, so that a fairly high level of carbon dioxide from the natural fermentation process is retained, which contributes to this wine’s appealing freshness.

Characteristics : Our Bordeaux Clairet is particularly aromatic and has a very deep red fruit colour. It is also more substantial than traditional rosés, with good body and exuberant fruitiness. This roundness and more pronounced structure makes it a perfect rosé for gastronomy.

Drinking : In the year after it is made.

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