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Vineyard management

Vineyard management

We adopt a sustainable approach to vine-growing.

Our estate is conducted in “Agriculture Raisonnée” (Reasoned Farming) and has received since 2012 the HEV certification (High Environmental Value farm) – Level 3* – the highest level.
We are also a member of the first association of Bordeaux wines certified ISO 14001:2015.

Beyond these certifications, Parenchère is entering ORGANIC CONVERSION this year and no longer uses any weedkillers.

To maintain our policy of quality and respect for the environment, our methods are primarily designed to protect the soil. They include growing grass between the rows, traditional tilling, sparing applications of pesticides and organic fertilizers only when absolutely needed.

This quality policy is consequently translated into carefully controlled yields, backed up, if necessary, by “ébourgeonnages” (removal of excess buds in May to reduce in advance a production that appears to be overloaded) and “green harvesting” (removal of excess bunches between mid-July and mid-August to reduce the yield and homogenize the grapes maturity for the harvests).

In addition, one of our main challenges is the transformation of the vineyard into high density. Château de Parenchère benefits from a very old vineyard, with vines over fifty years old.

If we want to preserve this old age in the vineyard, we now favour high planting densities (5,000 feet /HA) to achieve average yields of 45-50 hl / ha with a low load per foot. This helps us to obtain more density and volume in our wines, thus constantly improving their quality.

This replanting is done only very gradually so as to preserve the highest proportion possible of older vines.

*” HEV – Level 3 ” : The farm environmental certification is a voluntary approach which aims to identify and promote particularly environmentally-friendly practices. Level 3 is the maximum level of certification, which covers four key areas: biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, management of fertilizer use and management of water.