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Château de Parenchère 2020 (Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge) – Case of 6 magnums 1,5l

From 73,80

Degressive prices per case - Including tax - Departure from the winery

Number of cases Price
1 - 3 102,00
4 - 6 85,20
7 - 10 81,60
11 - 20 78,00
21+ 73,80
i.e. 10,00 including tax per bottle


The estate’s traditional wine is produced using vines aged 20 years on average and is usually made up of all the different grape varieties grown on the property:

Therefore, the blend is generally around :
70% Merlot
20% Cabernet Sauvignon
9% Cabernet Franc
1% Malbec
This assemblage, however, varies according to the vintage in order to favor the most supple and aromatic cuvées.

Merlot gives it suppleness, fruity and roundness; Cabernet-Sauvignon provides structure and additional tannic density. The two complementary grape-varieties will give this wine a greater complexity. Cabernet Franc is particularly appreciated for its aromatic finesse, and Malbec for its color and its spicy character.

Characteristics : This traditional Parenchère blend is generally very fleshy, with a very deeply colored robe. Characterized by a good balance between fruit and tannin, it displays distinct red fruit aromas with a long, sustained finish.

Ideal drinking period : from 4 to 7 years
This cuvee can be appreciated since its first year of bottling while improving for 7 years – and even ten years for the best vintages.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 12 kg

Per case of 6 magnums 1,5l